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    I'm looking to learn a martial art (any martial art) that will realistically help me defend myself if needed. I want to find a place that has some sort of sparring so I can learn how to use the moves I am taught. I see some gyms in my area, but the only ones I have found info on are 30 minutes away from my house. Seeing as I work 30 minutes from home then have to drive 30 minutes to a martial arts class then 30 minutes back home I never see my family. I live in the north Kansas City area (everything I've heard about is down south), does anyone know of a place/martial art in my area that would be great for real life self defense?


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    Your question has been asked before. I'd start with google, newspapers, phone books or even colleges to see what they have available. You can always work something out with the school, speak with the instructor and see if they have someone willing to carpool.