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What should I do? Please !

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  • What should I do? Please !

    I am trying for some time to do two finger push-ups.
    Now, I am able to do maximum 4 or 5, no more. I've heared the advice "The more you try the more you get". Well... Now it is a little problem. When I open my palms wide and I close them into a fist, my fingers hurt. They do not hurt really really bad, but they hurt. Now I do not know what to do. To continue with the exercises? Or should I not?
    Is this pain something that I must resist or not?
    It is normal?
    What should I do?
    Any advices please, please, please !
    (I am a little worried. And, I am patient, I mean, in the last few days I didn't continued the exercises as before. What should I do now?)

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    First tell me do you have stopped doing push-ups in between if not so you dont have to think about the pain just go for it, the more you do more you feel relief. As a big saying NO Pain No gain.


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      I would say get one of those hand grip squeeze things and start working your fingers out with those first to get your hands more strengthened also rest your fingers for a few days before you start


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        There is nothing wrong with your palm or fingers as you have recently started push ups , so the muscles get fatigued . Just keep your exercise with slowly increasing it.