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Does the ISKA let in Diabetics?

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  • Does the ISKA let in Diabetics?

    Hey guys.
    I was'nt sure where to put this, but it seems like it would fit best in this section of the site.

    Does anyone happen to know if the ISKA has anything against being a Diabetic and wanting to fight? I've been trying to contact them about it, but have been unsuccesful so far.


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    Are you type 1 (insulin dependent) or type 2? I am guessing your not type 3(Pregnancy diabetes). I would think they would not, unless they have a policy of not allowing food such as glucose tablets, or needles if you are not on a pump, and any other diabetic supply next to the arena. I or anybody I know has never had a problem with it. Just tell the officials and grab about two or three glucose tablets and eat them before the match. Tell thepeople running the show that you will be keeping your supplies nearby. I have never gone low during a match. Sometimes a bit high because of adrenaline. I asked an Olympic swimmer who was diabetic about what he did before a match and he said he drank gatorade before the match. If they allow diabetics in the Olympics and other sports competetions I do not see why ISKA wouldn't. If you are on a pump take it off before a match and your the site if you want too. I would suggest e-mailing ISKA to find out.


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      Hey thanks for the reply!
      I am Type 1, Insulin Dependent, but not on the pump. I tried emailing them about a week ago but have not heard anything back from them yet. So you're a Diabetic also? What do you compete in?


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        I am diabetic and I use the animas pump. I have competed in different forms of grappling, kyoushinkai tournaments, and some others. I believe ISKA should be able to let in Diabetics. Although people make diabetes sound horrible the person that has it is in control. It does not slow them down if they do not let it. I actually became healthier after I got diabetes, I started excercising and got into better shape than I was before. So ISKA should probaly let in diabetics. Diabetes is a very controllable disease and I have never had any problems while competing. I just did what I did in training, take off my pump and eat a few glucose and I would rarely go low. But I am positive if diabetics are allowed into the olympics and other martial art comp. than the ISKA should let them compete.


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          Thanks for the help and words of encouragement! I'm hoping to get a reply from the ISKA soon.