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Martial Arts Summit Oct 9-11th 2009

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  • Seminar/Clinic Martial Arts Summit Oct 9-11th 2009

    Hello All,

    I wanted to inform everyone of a Martial Arts Summit that is happening in Hawaii Oct. 9th-11th. There will be several different styles of martial arts present. Here is the current list of Instructors that will be teaching:

    Chosei Motobu Soke Motobu Ryu Kempo & Motobu Udun Ti

    Yasuo Yakumaru Soke Yakumaru Jigenryu (Japanese Sword)

    Dr. Remy Aresas, G.M. Modern Arnis

    Vincent Cabales, G.M. Escrima

    Fred Banadalan, G.M. Rep. of Canete System

    Dominick Violante, G.M. Kempo

    Yoshikatsu Kohno, Master Tai-qi, Xing-yi, Bagua

    Vic Le Roux, G.M. American Kempo

    Gary Mcghee, G.M Traco Kenpo

    Patrick Armijo, Master Kempo

    Modern Arnis Santiago Gercia Almaraz, Master Kempo-Jutsu & Aikido

    Keith Tubman, Inst. Kempo

    Kirt Agard, Inst. V-Jutsu

    Dr. David Reid, M.D. Trauma Doctor "Injuries in the Dojo"

    Your Hosts, Professor Kimo Ferreira & Kiko Ferreira Kempo-Jutsu Kai

    For Further information on this event you can visit Valley Shore Martial Arts under the news and events section.

    Thank You,