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MMA, boxing and Muay Thai --- Larimie Wyoming

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  • MMA, boxing and Muay Thai --- Larimie Wyoming

    I i'm sanctioning a event in Larimi wyoming.

    so far the promoters and sponsors have set up

    5 MMA matches
    1 pro-Muay Thai Match

    and 3 pro - boxing matches

    there will be some big name fighters there, on of wich is a former Heavy weight boxing champ Tommy Morrison, Making his come back into pro-boxing. Should be a exciting fight.

    there is still openings for a few more cards to be filled. I personally would like to see a couple more Muay Thai bouts. But it's not my call on that. I'm just there to try and make things go by a sanctioning rulles and to give out the stanky eye once in a while.

    there is both pro and amateur bouts set up. The boxing is all pro though. This will be on PPV and it's getting alot of coverage. So this would be a big opertunity

    for match making or to get tickets call: 720-254-6787