PSU in collaboration with Living Arts Academy will be bringing Bill Kipp (of FAST Defense fame) to the area to conduct one of his new Stress Shooting courses.

This unique course will hone your defensive shooting skills through realistic interactive scenario-based training. In other words, you will engage other living, moving, and fighting human beings that will be fighting and shooting back. These force-on-force scenarios and exercises will prepare you to successfully use your firearm against real threats, not just paper targets. If you carry a gun for personal protection, force-on-force training is a requirement to make sure your skills don't deteriorate under stress.

This will be the first time the course has been offered in Indiana.

Location- Columbia City, Indiana
Date- Saturday August 10th
Time- 9-12:30pm for Level 1, 1:30-5:00pm for Level 2
Cost - $149 for both Level 1 & 2

Mark this date on your calendar and plan ahead. We only have 14 spots available.

Get more info on the course at the Stress Shooting website-

Stress Shooting

E-mail or message me for registration details. Right now we have about 7 people confirmed but have yet to pay. It will likely fill up fast.