Topic: Stop Assault FAST with Bill Kipp
When: Sunday August 11th - 1pm-4pm
Where: Columbia City, Indiana
Cost $75

A= Awareness
B= Boundaries
c= Conflict / Combat

The full toolkit of the ABC's of FAST Defense:

-To recognize the warning signs of attack and avoid threatening situations before they become dangerous
-How to avoid attackers by not looking like a victim
-To use the power of your voice and body language (most confrontations and assaults can be stopped by a strong voice, good eye contact and body carriage)
-To find and utilize the power of your fear, not be paralyzed by it.
-And when all else fails, to protect yourself and your loved ones with simple & effective FULL FORCE techniques to the attacker's vulnerable areas

Suitable for men, women, and teens ages 13 and older. No previous experience necessary.

Space is limited to only 25 participants, pre-registration is required.