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Some facts about onions

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  • Some facts about onions

    They are spherical in shape and has a pungent smell. If you cut it, you can see the concentric rings inside. It is a commonly used vegetable, an integral part of many vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes in many households. The ancient Egyptians believed that they symbolise eternal life; hence they placed these vegetables in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs.
    You might have guessed it right. We are talking about onions, the commonly available vegetable in our markets. This vegetable has a binomial name, Allium cepa and it belongs to the family of Alliaceae. Onions have some medicinal properties too, which are described in ancient Ayurveda texts. According to Ayurveda, onion is good for normalising vatha, one of the three most important humours in the body and it is also used for increasing the other two humours pitha and kapha. Onion is also used in the treatment of arthritis and it helps rejuvenate liver. It has the properties to relieve constipation, normalise digestion and to reduce bleeding. Hence, this vegetable is used in piles ayurvedic treatmenttoo.
    Apart from its culinary, cultural and medicinal values, onions evoke a sense of philosophy in many, prompting them to compare it with life. They observed that like an onion, life too has multitude of layers and once you peel off all the layers, you will find that there is nothing inside.

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