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Memorial Day

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  • Memorial Day

    Living memory...

    RIP grandpa.

    Ray Sr. served in the 101st airborne infantry. The man was a war hero's war HERO! In the infancy of WW2 special forces they lost A LOT of their brothers in arms.

    To his many fallen friends and fellow soldiers I salute. To the families of those men I offer my heart felt condolences.

    To those serving now and the families of contemporary warriors I offer my respect and make a note of observance of the great sacrafices they have made in our behalf.

    Rest in peace. Press on!

    You would not expect an Army paratrooper to be afraid of flying but what about LANDING?

    My grandad had a phobia of commercial flights. Taking off was no big deal. He wasn't afraid to jump out of a plane or land on his feet.

    When he had to fly from SeaTac to SF he admitted to my dad that LANDING in a jet airliner scared the hell out of him...

    Go figure.

  • #2 this point it's not fucking around. Show some respect, Dick.


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      He's a hopeless, no class, fucking loser.


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        Was that Dickhardman again?


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          It sure was.