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Enrol now! ISR Matrix Australian Subject Control/Defensive Tactics Courses

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  • Enrol now! ISR Matrix Australian Subject Control/Defensive Tactics Courses

    For immediate dissemination - please forward to all who may be interested.

    Limited positions remaining. Book today, don’t delay.

    Following the overwhelming demand created following the outstanding success of ISR Matrix seminars in Australia in September 2008 and March 2009, there will be a number of 2- 3 day courses offered this August.

    Early bird rates apply for payments prior 03 July.

    • Perth 1,2,3 August 2009 (Malaga – hosted by Tactical Conflict Solutions)
    o Early bird rate: Days 1&2 - $249; Days 1-3- $349
    o Standard rate: Days 1&2 $299; Days 1-3 - $399

    • Melbourne 8,9,10 August 2009 (Blackburn – hosted by Blackburn Shukokai Karate)
    o Early bird rate: Days 1&2 - $249; Days 1-3 $349
    o Standard rate: Days 1&2 $299; Days 1-3 $399

    • Sydney 15-16 August 2009 (Central Sydney – hosted by Athletic Entertainment Group)
    o Early bird rate: $249
    o Standard rate: $299

    • Brisbane 29-31 August 2009 (Mt Gravatt, subsidised by Defensive Measures International)
    o Early bird rate: Days 1&2 - $199; Days 1-3- $299
    o Standard rate: Days 1&2 $249; Days 1-3 $349

    The courses will cover the essential and fundamental elements of subject control and personal protection as taught within ISR Matrix and as necessary to successfully intercept, stabilize and resolve a confrontation. Techniques will include the helmet, dive, arm drag, underhook and pike, harness, wrist weave, s-position and back mount. This course addresses the pre-requisite skills required for intermediate and advanced courses within the ISR Matrix such as Team Tactics, Combatives and Ground Skills and also serves as the first step in joining the ISR Matrix Instructor Development Program. Testimonials are available from

    ISR Matrix (Intercept, Stabilise, Resolve) was founded by Luis Guiterrez, Vice President of the Straight Blast Gym, in conjunction with a panel of specialist law enforcement and corrections defensive tactics trainers. Luis, an experienced crowd controller, is a former Grappling Association Coach of the Year and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. The ISR Matrix draws on a select few techniques from Greco Roman Wrestling, Free Style Wrestling, Judo, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to form a truly integrated systems approach, where an operator can escalate, de-escalate, engage or disengage as is required throughout the confrontation and within any given agencies use of force guidelines. Dealing with common counters, escaping common holds, weapons retention and fouling the subjects attempts to draw a weapon are build into the system and incorporated into training drills. As agency’s have recognised the incredible functionality and training methodology of the ISR, it has spread rapidly throughout North America, the UK and over the last year in Australia.

    Promotional clips, mostly of students in the early stages of training can be viewed at Services

    The course instructor is the Australian Representative for ISR Matrix and one of very few ISR Matrix Field Instructors worldwide, with an extensive background in subject control and defensive tactics within Australian Policing, Corrections, Security, Military and health services, including overseas postings, force protection, training, emergency response team and management roles. The course instructor is a qualified Police Operational Safety Trainer and Public Order Management Instructor. A qualified PPCT, Monadnock, KAPAP, Jim Wagners RBPP, Keysi Fighting Methods and Redman Dynamic Simulation Instructor, the instructor has also completed end-user courses with SPEAR, RMCAT, Tank Todd CQC, Floro Fighting Systems and Geoff Thompson’s British Combat Association. The course instructor is well versed in various modern subject control methodologies and has been studying ISR Matrix for three years. Although he continues to refine his training methodology and delivery by studying other systems and training overseas, he is yet to find anything that can produce such functional results in a short time frame as ISR Matrix.

    Most course positions are already spoken for and the class size is restricted to ensure good instructor/student ratios, so it's best to get in NOW to guarantee a position.

    Course overviews, testimonials, risk management considerations and other supporting documentation is available upon request.

    These courses will be open to enrolment by the general public in 24 hours. 50% deposit secures your position.

    Contact for further information or to enrol.

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    Most of the clips below are students in very early stages of training.

    YouTube - ISR Matrix Clinch with Cloth

    This is Part One of a clip compiled over the last couple of years working with the OSI-Anti-Terrorist Specialty Team featuring a few highlights of the clinch with cloth (attached striking/ in-fighting) common to the ISR-PM/AF & LE in varying degress as warranted by their function and the use of force continuum or rules of engagement.

    Best viewed in conjuntion with the following clips:...

    YouTube - ISR PM (Defensive Tactics) - ISR PM promo Adelaide.
    YouTube - ISR Matrix PM - ISR PM Promo
    YouTube - ISR Matrix - Original LE promo
    YouTube - ISR-PM - Team tactics promo
    YouTube - ISR Matrix. Law Enforcement 'JKD Style' - LE Promo

    The clips are a teaser, covering a selection of techniques and some of the applications. They don't cover the training methodology, the training evolutions or the transitions and built in responses to common counters that produces proficent operators in a short time period. This is best seen and felt first hand under an ISR Matrix Instructor.

    "Dynamic Application, Fluid Movement and Efficiency in Performance under stress"

    There is a limited number of vacancies remaining in the August ISR Matrix Aussie seminars.


    Field Instructor
    ISR Matrix Australia