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  • MT:So it begins.

    So it begins. By Kframe - 12-07-2013 01:19 PM


    So its official I am a new student of Bujinkan.. Had my first official beginner class today. We did the sanshin kata 3 times on each side and then we did a kicking drill. After that we did a step and check punch drill up and down the mat. We finished the class with the basics of the Hanbo and I absolutely loved it. My class was 45 minutes.

    I was allowed to sit in on the "randori" class and it was different. It wasn't like free sparring like im used to but more like free thought. Just running through lots of variations of things. Was interesting and just goes to show that randori to one art is different then others.

    Now my next skill to learn is patience. He had to drop the other 2 beginner class's because his EMT job put him on a 24 hour schedule. So he gave me things to work on at home. (sanshin and the punch drill, ukemi, heavy bag work)

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