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  • MT:Help finding a school!

    Help finding a school! By bigfootsquatch - 04-20-2014 05:14 PM


    Hey guys,

    I have been interested in studying bujinkan or genbukan taijutsu for a while. I currently live in Shreveport. I've noticed several schools in the area. The closest one is in Texarkana about an hour away. There's some other schools in the Dallas area and in little rock Arkansas.

    I was wondering if you guys have heard of any of these schools and your thoughts?


    Jigokudojo - Luke Molitor

    Kusakage Dojo - George kohler

    Arkansas and Texarkana,TX

    Arkansas Bujinkan Dojo Online - Affiliated Dojos

    Looking primarily at Mushin Dojo (it's closest)

    Any advice??

    Also any good videos or books to help supplement. All schools are bujinkan minus Kohler's school. Will have to travel to train, so closer is ideal, but I've heard good things about Molitor.

    I have prior experience with tae Kwon do and Brazilian Jiu jitsu if that means anything. Lol

    Thanks for any feedback!

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