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Open Question: pc gamers being left out?

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  • Open Question: pc gamers being left out?

    it seems as if all the new good games are coming out for xbox360 and ps3 only .... and that the pc is just getting ports after the games have already been out for months, not to mention in order to get a game running at the same graphics standard as their counterpart you need to spend significantly more money on a decent processor and graphics just seems like pc gaming is going downhill, and many people are blaming piracy issues that are associated with pc's, it also looks to me as though with xbox's live service, the games are more focused around playing with buddies, whereas the pc games look as if they are single player with multiplayer bolted innovation whatsoever,it also seems like such a hassle just to get things to work, i mean you have to have a well balanced pc in order to get good performance (ie no bottleneck from your processor or whatever), but with a console it just works no matter where you bought it from, everything is the same,i've played all major titles like crysis, call of duty 4,5, oblivion, mirrors edge, GTA, and im just wondering is it time to switch over to a console? my pc is rather good but whats the point of having it if i have no games to play on it? things like gears of war 2, fable 2, halo 3, anyone know of any good rpg's out there like fable2? that one looks really good .....but anyway sorry for the rant, anyone have any thoughts on if pc gaming is dying? or already dead?

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