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Open Question: help with xbox 360 harddrive ?

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  • Open Question: help with xbox 360 harddrive ?

    i recently bought another 360 from my old when catching the red rings, and now im stuck with two harddrives. my gamertags in harddrive 1, i havnt touched harddrive 2 yet, and im running low on memory in harddrive 1, i wanted to know if i could switch to the other harddrive(2) and "recover my gamertag" . if i do that , will it mess up or corrupt my gamertag in any way? and can i do it alot, or just a limited amount of time?ex. if i feel like playing fallout 3 saved in harddrive 1, i will recover my gamertag on it. then when i feel like playing halo 3, i will switch to harddrive 2 and recover it there too. will this screw up my gamertag in any way if i keep doing this process?