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Open Question: Xbox 360 Data-transfer cable application?

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  • Open Question: Xbox 360 Data-transfer cable application?

    I have currently got a 20GB Hard-drive for my Xbox, but it is pretty full, only a couple of GB left. I noticed this fantastic-looking deal - a 60GB Hard drive, 3 months Xbox live gold and headset for £60! (Considering I can sell my 20GB Hard Drive and headset, I could get some of the cost back!). I noticed, however, this doesn't include a data-transfer cable. Lots of people are saying I should go onto the Xbox website and fill out an application form, but I checked and I think you need to get a new Xbox 360 Elite to be eligable. (One of the things you fill in is the serial number of your old and new consoles). Is there any way I would be eligable for a data-transfer kit, and if so how do I get one? If not, has anyone got any other suggestions on what I could do? Thanks in advance!

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    so the best way is to buy or borrow Xbox 360 Data-transfer from anothers.
    i got mine online at ishopvideogame, it worked well and then i sealed up my 20GB hard drive.