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Open Question: Fifa 09 nintendo ds question!!?

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  • Open Question: Fifa 09 nintendo ds question!!?

    Ok I just want to ask something. I want to get fifa 09 ds (please dont say anything like fifa 09 sucks or ds sucks lol i get that alot) and i want to know, you know how the psp, xbox 360 and ps3 have the music on the main menu playing like all the time (the soundtrack for fifa 09), well i just want to know is ds going to be like atleast going to have the soundtrack music (like xbox 360, ps3 , and psp) or some crappy game boy advance voice or you know what i mean like crappy style and o singing only stupid beats. Anyways yeah so i just wan to know if ds will play the same music as the xbox 360 ,ps3 , and psp does in the menu screen. The soundtrack music is here (link of the musics that play in 360, ps3, and psp)