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Taken (2009)

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  • Taken (2009)

    Have you enjoy the action movies. What I really like was unexpected action movies like Taken (2009) it is a mission of a dad. Who is fully trained to undergo investigations in hidden world. He is Former government operative Bryan Mills his daughter been kidnap by unknown group. Don’t know really why. But he challenges them. Whether them to find him or he will do it by own. Pretty good action free movie with lot of interest

    Taken (2009) - either you or me die

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    It is a very good father-daughter movie and i really liked it. Liam Neeson is a great actor and he acted really well in this movie too as always.

    Jacob Black


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      I think it is a great movie and the thing i liked about this movie is its seriousness and the second reason is that the director did not turn the movie more towards action and kept it quite real and emotional.
      I think forced prostitution is an evil practice that must be discouraged by all means.

      Jack Wilson


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        i loved the part when that one guy jumped on the highway, then all of a sudden you just see a truck one him over..


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          Honestly, I loved this movie, my sister too. It's a highly emotional film father deeply. It makes me emotional.