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Martial Arts movie just came out...what's the name???

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  • Martial Arts movie just came out...what's the name???

    Ok recently in the last few years there was a fighting movie that came out. It's not "Never Back Down" or "Fighting".

    In the preview it had a guy doing pit fights. It played headstrong by trapt during the preview, and I remeber one scene where a guy is asking the fighter why he never loses, and he replies becuase he has somthing to fight for.

    I beleive in the movie that the fighter was married with a kid and was doing these fights to suport his family...

    does ANYONE know the name of this movie? I've been wanting to see it but for the life of me can't remeber the name of it....

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    If it was boxing, it could be Russell Crowe's Cinderella Man.

    Jacob Black


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      Yes I also think you're talking about "Cinderella Man". I have seen it in the cinema and I don't think it is a "big hit", but it can be watched once.


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        yeah, I like boxing movies. It's crazy


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          tahaha.. for me Manny "PACMAN" Paquiao is the best boxing in this time.