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What is the best James Bond film ever made and why?

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  • What is the best James Bond film ever made and why?

    Hi, I think James bond became dependent on his gadgets in between and i am glad that they are using less gadgets. Its not that i do not like 007 gadgets but i feel Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were completely dependent on gadgets.
    I really liked Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace because Daniel Craig is more of a fighter and uses almost no gadgets.
    Please share your views.

    Jacob Black

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    But i feel that James Bond is known for his cool gadgets and i feel new directors have done wrong to the legendary characters and well it was alright not to put gadgets in Casino Royale but i was expecting some in Quantum of Solace.

    Jack Wilson


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      Quantum of Solace is the best James Bond film because the story is amazing. I don't really like James Bond movies but this is the best from the ones I've seen.


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        I think it's a celebrity, so the film was successful. I like this movie.