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  • Favorite Style Of music

    So whats everyones favorite styles of music

    Mine is dance/trance

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    mines mainly hip hop but I also love heavy rock like Disturbed and Linkin Park, especially when training.


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      I love metal, and trance. My two favourite styles, although I like almost all styles of music.


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        overall,i have quite an eclectic taste in the tunes.

        jazz,blues,techno/trance,soundscapes,new age,alt rock,and metal(all types).

        i can listen to classical as well of course.classic rock's another wide category would span from 50's to 90's actually.

        i'm not much into any 50's but my fav 60's stuff would include "The Who","The Doors","Cream",'The Young Rascals","The Yardbirds","Jimi Hendrix","Rolling Stones","The Animals","The MC5",and the 1st "led zep" album of course,even though i technically consider them to be 70's music.

        as far as 70's.Alotta Stuff from that era!...where to begin...hmmm......

        -Judas Priest
        -Black Sabbath
        -Led Zepplelin
        -Van Halen
        -Jethro Tull

        80's would be alotta the hairbands and obviously stuff like Metallica,Motorhead,Misfits,Megadeth,and much lighter stuff like
        Flock of Seagulls,Depeche Mode,R.E.M,Talking Heads,Billy Idol,and of course,all of that great action movie soundtrack stuff as well! : )

        90's was just the best i think.So Much Great Stuff its ridiculous.
        I could literally go on and on nonstop when it comes to 90's music.

        as far as alot of the metal and rock of today,i seem to prefer jazz and blues much of the time,or "new age" instead of what is brought to the table nowadays when it comes to most of the metal and rock.


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          Boyzone is my favorite band and my favorite song by Boyzone is
          "It's only words,
          And words are all I have,
          To take your heart away"

          Jack Wilson


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            My current favourite music is Fireflies by Own City. I first heard it in the bus then I started to like it. Now I listen it at least ten times everyday.


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              I love BSB. They arrived on tour in my country. It was wonderful.


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                I like classical music very much, it is very nice and good music to give us happy and relax mind.


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                  My favorite style of music is Pop and soft music.when i want to relax i listen some soft slow music