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    Audio mastering is the crucial stage of music recording that covers up any deficiencies that must have occurred in the initial stages. Once mastering is done on the records, the music is released in the market. Music mastering is what renders the album, its professional touch. The album becomes radio ready when it undergoes mastering. Mastering is essential if the album is to be made competitive. The awareness towards the benefits of mastering is now apparent among the musicians. More and more musicians are resorting to mastering, owing to its advantages. When the tracks are mastered, it results in consistency of tracks. The spacing between the tracks is made uniform, the volume of the tracks is controlled and the background noises are made minimum. Two essentials of a mastering engineer are a pair of trained ears and a well equipped room. The mastering room comprises of exceptionally accurate acoustic room. The mixing engineer focuses on creating a unique sound whereas mastering engineer sees every song in context with other projects in the same genre. The mastering engineer adjusts the volume of the track to make it sound easy. It is the different perspective and judgments offered by the mastering engineer, which increases the value of the mastered song. Mastering process is now also available online. The online mastering services are highly cheaper and much more convenient. The URL DELETED], which is available through online mastering sites are in no way lesser in quality than to the attended mastering process.