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protein Supplements to aid weght loss

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  • protein Supplements to aid weght loss

    Hey all,

    I’ve been training muay Thai for around 5 months now and have seen a great increase health wise and have lost some weight, (which is my main goal).

    I have a healthy and balanced diet and train Muay Thai 4 time a week and also train at home ect.

    My main concern is I don’t train Muay Thai till around 8pm so my meal prior to that is around 5 to help me not feel sick ect

    I get home around 10:15pm and am quite hungry and tend to eat a descent sized meal.

    I’m under the impression that if I cut out this late meal, I would drop weight much quicker.

    I’ve purchased a Whey protein isolate to supplement this post workout meal?

    Would appreciate your opinions for those who have done this ect.

    Thanks in advance.

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    any advice??


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      basically you shouldn't be eating within 4 hours of going to bed.
      and it's best that if you eat something within a hour of working out exspecialy a compeition, it should be easily digestable or a liquid meal replacement (protein mix).

      if you're trying to lose weight, just reserch the protein mix that your buying, so your not buying a bulk building mix. It should be something that promotes toning or weight loss.