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Open Question: Military Basic Training?

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  • Open Question: Military Basic Training?

    I'm seriously considering joining a branch of the military, but I'm not sure which one yet. I'm trying to figure out what the basic training is for each branch is. Including what the physical fitness test for that branch is, how long it is, and where the main basic training camp is. Anyone know? Only Positive Answers Please!

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    Navy Basic Training lasts 10 weeks and is located in Great Lakes, Il. There are one of three divisions you can enter - regular division, 900-division (dedicated to military musicians) and Special Warfare division.

    Be prepaired to wake up as early as 0430 (or earlier in some cases ). Expect to get IT'd (usually punishment for something or just for the hellovit).

    Special Warfare divisions get extra training with dive motivators - active duty operators - to get prepaired for their respective training. Expect a one month or two month pre-NSW class after bootcamp before heading out to Coronado or Florida (EOD).

    Weapon training is minimal, but if you pay attention and have spent a little time in ranges, you should have no problem qualifying (Marksman). If you put a good 3-4 months in before bootcamp with an instructor (or if you're a lifelong shooter) you should be able to get Sharpshooter. You might get a guy or two who can get Expert.

    Focus on M-9 pistol and get familiar with the shotgun. You can get rifle quals after bootcamp in your next command or next duty station that has weapons training.

    Unfortunately, if you come to bootcamp from a well-prepaired DEP program, you will loose about 60% of your physical abilities, as you spend alot of time in classes, gear assignments, uniforms, marching excercises add to it you could get the "recruit crud" - a combination of the flu, bronchitis, stomach virus and possibly conjuctivitis - which will leave you ill for a few days up to a week - just happens from bringing folks in from all over into close quarters.

    Your bootcamp experience doesn't mean you are ready for the Navy! Your A-school, shore facility and addition training constantly polish your Naval bearing and improve your training.

    Best of luck!