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Open Question: I'm afraid about if my bodybuilding might influence my little brother.

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  • Open Question: I'm afraid about if my bodybuilding might influence my little brother.

    alright, i'm 16, i'd like to call myself a teen bodybuilder but i've yet to compete so i won't take away that title from those who've taken that one step i haven't and earned it. i work out about 1 hour and 15 minutes on average everyday, around 8-9 hours a week total. my little brother is 7 years old, obviously too young to understand much, but old enough to know what i'm doing when he sees me lifting weights or using the equipment my family has in our basement. at first, i thought it wasn't going to be a problem if he watched, i was even hoping that if he grew up seeing fitness as a good thing then it might even keep him away from drugs later on. but then i saw him trying to do some of my workouts using a dumbell he found, forget how much but it was iron, not the material they use for physical therapy dumbells. He dropped the weight on himself before i could say something, thank the lord he only ended up with a little bruise. i keep catching him trying to do things with the weights in the basement, and always stop him, and now whenever i'm working out i'll yell at him if he comes anywhere near the basement door so he can't see what i'm doing. i've talked to him a few times, but he doesn't understand how dangerous it is at age 7 to even go into a room with those kind of heavy iron weights. I got my mom and dad to talk to him a bit, but i don't think that helped. i'm worried that he might hurt himself, especially because in two years i'll be gone and all that equipment will be there with no one to keep him away from it and he'll only be 9 then. advice on what to do? thanks for the advice so far everyone, i like the idea with the 2lb. dumbells. and i try and spend time with my little brother, but i don't think that's the problem so much since i'm pretty sure he doesn't comprehend that i'll be going away in 2 years.