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Open Question: What is the fastest way to get my fitness back?

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  • Scott Bolinger
    do your two days karate
    get out and walk a mile or two right when you get up, before you eat.

    3 days a week, you can do my medicine ball routine that I have on my site at This is part of Chapter 1 in my . you can use a weight and dumbel for most of the routine as a subsititute.

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  • Jimmie
    Well exercising is very good option to keep the body fit & healthy, and i think the above user has mentioned in a nice way. Have you heard of Inspired Women Coaching ? It is a site on the internet, which promotes good health and well-being for women. The site recommends an innovative way for women to take care of themselves.

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  • sanjidcapa
    Hello Knowledge Bot,
    I have a nice article. I think U all guy like it.

    Weight loss, from a simpler perspective, is the reduction of the total weight of the body, usually involving the decrease of fluid, body fats and other bone mineral deposits in the human body. Weight loss can occur accidentally or inadvertently mainly due to a disorder or an illness in the body. For example type 1 diabetes mellitus if not managed properly, in most cases can lead to activities in the body that lead to the loss of both fat and lean mass, consequently resulting to a significant reduction in total body weight. Other factors such as lack of fluid intake, HIV, use of certain medications and even fidgeting can trigger fluid loss resulting in the significant loss of body weight.

    People subscribe to weight loss techniques because of a number of health, physical, psychological and social problems emanating from being obese itself. It is believed that overweight people are subjected to the following troubles:
    - Diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases, skeletal disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility and pregnancy problems, physical discomforts and a host of other health problems.
    - Psychological problems manifesting in form of general unhappiness, stress, low self esteem and a sense of insecurity.
    - Overweight people are considered to be liable to surgical complications.
    - Obese people may lack the energy or desire to socialize as a result of real or perceived prejudice in the community against them. Some employers often equate overweight with laziness, ill-health and unattractiveness.
    - Evidence shows that obese persons face a higher risk of harm due to limitations in movement that makes them less able to avoid accidents.
    - In many cases, extra insurance premiums are payable by overweight persons for various insurance coverages.

    The good news however is that there are real weight loss products that have been proven to work, and it is just a matter of getting the right information or being guided properly and you would be on your way to shedding that excess and unwanted mass of body tissue.

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  • Akira
    I was going to suggest running until I read about your knee so I would recommend swimming every morning (or evening), 6 days a week.

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  • Open Question: What is the fastest way to get my fitness back?

    I do karate and after an illness, I'm really unfit, haven't done anything in 2 months.I have a huge training camp and competition coming up in 8 weeks and I need to get up my cardio as high as possible in this time (but, 2 of these weeks towards the end, I will be overseas living in a remote village - doesn't even have electricity).What is a good way to do this with a dodgy knee?I train in karate 2 times a week (although am able to, just don't have the energy to do 5x a week at the moment), but end up instructing more then training at times.I have my bike set up on a stand inside that I can use. I also have a skipping rope, weights (up to 20kg dumbbells) and weighted weapons that I use for karate training.What are things I could do to get as fit as possible in this time - currently cardio is way more important then strength, speed and weight loss.