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    Hey Guys,

    Training aside, what other workouts do you do? Cardio, weights, etc

    Personally outside of the gym i dont touch any bag or mits. I do however have a decent weights routine.

    Monday is heavy day, i do a circuit full body workout. Usually, bench press, shoulder press, chin ups, dips, rows, squats.

    Weds i do core workout, pretty much only my abs, pushups and more chinups.

    Last day i do another full body workout, but more isolation exercises that i mix up a bit.

    Everyday i am at the gym, i do a hard endurance bike ride and sprints on the treadmill, 1minute sprintin 1 minute walking for 20min.

    I think come summer time again, i will try and get into the habit of gettin up before work and going for a couple click run with the dog.


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    I tend to do alot of shadow boxing and skipping every night Im not boxing (Im addicted some times), usually I do a run aswell, about 5-6k, not every night though, maybe 1-2 times a week.

    If Im working on cardio at the gym I'll usually do hill sprints and sparring afterwards to get me used to pushing myself when Im tired.

    Whenever I get I chance I'll work on weights, at the moment 1-2 times a week, I've reduced my weight routine a bit as I'm not aiming to gain any weight at the moment.

    I instead do alot more high rep low weight exercises, and plyometrics when our coach forces us all too at the gym haha.

    Think thats about it?


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      i do jogging, boxing and swimming. ever since childhood i have already been swimming it's one of my routing and since ive gotten to join the national swimmer's club, i still have to swim more often this time


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