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  • working on kicks

    ok im new to this whole kicking in a fight thing im joining kick boxing soon but befor i join. i would like to work out my legs alil bit my knees feel weak. whats a good way to work on your kicks and work out your knees???

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    That would be nice. You can use that training into a self defense in case of emergency. And it is also a very nice exercise for the body.
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      sorry what i was asking is whats a good way to work out my knees they feel weak when i kick?


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        thanks for the help. any tips on stretching like vids or somthing?


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          Originally posted by b3nj4m1n View Post
          thanks for the help. any tips on stretching like vids or somthing?
          stretch properly, make sure your hip is aligned with your leg as to engage the all the muscles in the area. keep all pressure off your knees, toes pointing up and make sure you sit on the bone and not the muscle as to assure that your back is straight. but those are only basic principals, it is hard to write down how to stretch properly. i'd say go to a dance or gymnastics class to learn more, try to avoid learning off martial artists as martial arts is pretty much the only sporting system that ignores the science on human movement in favour of more traditional methods.


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            Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
            plyometrics, a wobble board (they have another name but I don't remember what)

            Leg extenstions, hamstring curls and squats.
            I agree, traditional training will help you.