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Delmonte's muscle building program... hype?

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  • Delmonte's muscle building program... hype?

    I keep hearing so much about vince delmonte's program from and I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it? Everwhere I look on the internet I hear people praising this guy like some kind of god and his program as if it was gods gift to body builders and hardgainers...It's almost like a weird cult of personality, reminds me of obama mania before he got elected. I'm about to start body building and I'm thinking about giving his program a go because of all the great things I hear about it and it's supposed unmatched effectiveness.. Can anyone out there verify these claims from first hand experience or dispell them as hype ALSO from first hand experience?? Thanks

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    I don't know about all that Vince-worship stuff.. but I can tell you from experience that his program does work incredibly well.. I've been following it myself for about a year now. It's definetely well worth the investment. Lol but when it comes to this idea you say of gods gift to bodybuilders etc.. I would say that is hype.


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      some of the stuff you find on the net is "amazing".. what makes this program so much different?