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Baked potato or sweet potato?

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  • Baked potato or sweet potato?

    I’ve had Crohns Disease for over 20 years, with some education, proper nutrition and exercise; I’ve been able to keep things in check. I was surprised at how many myths I thought were true when it comes to nutrition. Unfortunately most of my research has been on how to gain weight not lose it so for you hard gainers stay tuned and I’ll post new threads every once in a while.
    Myth #1 Sweet Potatoes are better for you than White Potatoes
    Because most people eat a highly processed version of the white potato – for instance, French fries or potato chips – the consumption of this root vegetable has been linked to obesity and increased risk of diabetes. Meanwhile sweet potatoes, normally eaten whole, have been considered rich in nutrients and lower on the glycemic index than white potatoes.
    The truth is they have complementary nutritional differences. one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Sweet potatoes have more fiber and vitamin A, but white potatoes are higher in essential minerals such as such as iron, magnesium and potassium. Sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic scale, but baked white potatoes are typically eaten with some type of fat, butter sour cream, cheese. This added fat lowers the glycemic index of the meal.
    The form of which you eat your spuds is more important than the type.

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    this is very true of a number of foods.. It's not necessarily the food but the toppings that cause you most problem