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  • The Chi Experiment

    For years I've heard various claims about Chi/Ki.

    Some claim it as an almost mystical force that enables people to do extraordinary feats.

    Others claim it's a state of mind,fighting spirit kind of thing.

    I must admit I've not had that much experience with it.

    I don't know if it's a 'real' thing or a state of mind.

    I admit I'm quite dubious about any kind of 'mystical' energy.
    When I read articles about various 'inner' aspects of martial arts in particular magazines, I'm usually not that impressed.
    For example an article on a particular 'Silat' player, he stated that when trained to a high enough level practioners could drop someone from as far as twenty odd feet away using internal energy!
    Now that sounds like complete bollocks to me.
    However that doesn't mean I'm ready to dismiss all claims about internal energy/chi/ki as rubbish.

    What I propose is that any practitioners of internal arts (in the UK or if you're passing through),who can demonstrate chi/ki come to
    SENI '04 at the NEC & demonstrate your Chi/Ki to me.
    Don't get me wrong, this is not an open call for a challenge match & I mean no disrespect to anyone,however I think it would be a good thing to put to the test any claims of 'internal' powers at an event like SENI '04 among lots of MA's from differnt styles/backgrounds,maybe it will help shed some light on the whole Chi/Ki thing.

    Cheers Jez

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    I'll be at the Seni, doing a demonstration of Cheek. Will that do? I am a Grand Master.

    In all seriousness, that is a great idea. Put up or shut up, you Chi-Ki people. Get it? Chi-Ki? Cheeky?

    I don't know. I'm wasted here.


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      you are funny

      Any replies/thoughts from any 'internal stylists'?
      About the experiment, not if Bri is funny, that's obvious.


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        Perhaps some 800 years old Taoist Monk will come along, along with his great great great great great great great grandson, who'll be a spring chicken at 150.

        You're not going to get alot of takers on this challenge. The best they do is demos, and even then only under strictly controlled circumstances and on people they bring along.

        Where are all those "Chi is real" folks now?


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          Watch as Ryu hurls a Chi ball!

          Ryu and Ken in a Chi battle

          I think the evidence speaks for itself.


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            Still no replies from 'internal stylists'.

            Is it because it's in the UK & you can't get there?

            Is it because you feel I'm being disrespectfull?

            Is it because you don't think you can demonstrate chi/ki?

            Maybe you don't read this forum & you're busy training?

            If anyone knows some one trains their chi/ki
            could they let them know about this proposed experiment.
            Or if you know of a chi/ki type forum let me know so I can go ask them.

            Cheers Jez


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              did you see your monitor flicker?


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                TCell - I am rather entertaining the theory that they won't show up because....... you guessed it....... because they are full of shit.


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                  correction, they are full of chi


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                    I look at chi as more of a focusing your energy or relaxation thing.
                    For instance, when you are breaking a board or 10 boards even, you focus on your target, and you think about concentrating all of your power to break your target. Or you can look at it as sort of a meditation thing. I don't really believe that you can drop your enemy 20 feet away using chi though.


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                      I think chi refers to 2 things:

                      1. your diaphragm
                      2. what boxers call "core" muscles around your center of gravity.

                      Diaphragm controls your breathing and relaxed breath control improves your cardio stamina.

                      The core group of muscles exponentially effects your striking power. push a heavy door with your arm strength only. it barely moves (unless you are Bob Sapp). Then use your legs, tighten your core and keep your arm slightly locked (not pushing) and the door opens easily

                      Chi has tons of myths which are bogus; look at the failure of the Chinese boxers rebellion. False confidence in chi got 1,000 of monks killed by less than 100 British troops with a few rifles.

                      It boils down to controlled breathing and good body mechanics which influence your power and stamina. Anything else is fiction.


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                        In other words, good technique.


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                          Yes. With emphasis on breath control from deep breathing excercises.


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                            YOu can also relate it to self motivation. For example, telling yourself that you can accomplish something over and over so that you can.


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                              "I can hypnotize E-N-L-I-G-H-T-E-N-E-D ONE to make me a cup of coffee.....ohmmmmm and don't forget the sugar.....ohhhmmmmm"

                              Hold the urine, thks.