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  • fear

    im not a martial artist and i get picked on a lot, ive been told to join muay thai, but until i do anyone got tips on how not to be scared, i have no fear of getting hit, or of pain, but when someone swings i blink, i cant help it no matter how much i try not to, i blink, any advice.

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    Blinking protects your eyes... But of course you've heard the ancient saying, practice makes perfect. Perhaps practicing not blinking while someone throws punches at you will help your dilema.


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      thanks, do you know what Kyokoshin Karate is???


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        I agree with H2H re: the appropriateness of blinking as related to distance.
        However, proper training will instill in you accompanying reactions, such as parrying away the offending hand or fist which is causing you to blink, and the follow-up moves.

        You say you're not afraid of getting hit yet you associate blinking with fear. Be clear on this. One is a controllable emotion and the other is an uncontrollable reflex.

        You say you get picked on a lot. Unfortunately, I found as a schoolboy that if you don't respond violently that it will continue. Worst advise I ever got on that was from my mother; "Just ignore them and they'll soon tire of it." They didn't, it just made me a sure and easy target. Best advise I ever got on this was from my cousin; "Pick the biggest, meanest, strongest one and light into him with everything you've got the minute he picks on you. Even if it's in the middle of a class right in front of the teacher. Next time he thinks of it he'll think you're not worth the trouble and the others will figure if you were willing to take him on they're not gonna fare much better. Become a crazy nasty son-of-a-bitch. They'll figure you're not gonna take crap from anybody anymore, THEN they'll leave you alone."

        Warning: This advise worked for me 35 years ago in a moderate, suburban, middle-class school where the notion of metal detectors at the school entries would have been ludicrous. Nowadays things may be very different where you are and I caution you to use common sense. Don't be taking on some armed 15 year old gangbanger with a "Thug Life" tattoo across his belly.