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    Hi All,

    I was just searching through the archived material on this forum to see whether there was much mention of NLP. I found one posting dating back to 2002 that was written by Darren Laur and was very interesting indeed.

    NLP posting

    Several of my intructors have mentioned that they have benefitted in both their business and martial arts from using NLP techniques and I wondered whether anyone here could recommend some texts to get me started?

    In addition to the original post, mentioned above, there was an interesting reply from Chalambok in which he suggested that we should all make time for mental preparation/analysis before and after practice. I whole-heartedly agree but of course do not often do this in reality. In an optimal world how would you suggest approaching each of these 'mental'; periods?

    Chalambok also suggested that martial arts schools should have reading lists - I'd be interested to see what you would suggest for your students to read.

    I look forward to further discussion.

    Best wishes,


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