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Does the Bowflex work and is a good peice of equipment?

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  • Does the Bowflex work and is a good peice of equipment?

    Is the bowflex any good? I am thinking on getting one, but dont know if it is good. Anyone know. The reason Iam looking at one is I dont have anyone to train with because buddy went to the mairnes, and he was my training partner. So I seen the bowflex and I dont need a spoter with it, so does it really work anyone know?

    If this is spaming sorry but I need to know some facts about this before I buy it.


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    I don't have any experience with them, but you can probably get better results and save yourself the cash by doing body weight exercises like push ups and chin ups. Just my $0.02.


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      I've gotten mixed reviews from them. Pple like it b/c you'll basically never grow outta it b/c 200lbs free weights is a lot easier than 200 lb "power rod" resistance. It's really challenging from what i hear.

      Now on to the cons. Someone with vast knowledge in weight training says that Bow Flex is the worst b/c u r not lifting the weight directly where your targettign your muscles. The rods are being bent therefore u are not actually pushing the weight forward (bench press).


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        I've had one for a while and it works ok. I got it because it is too easy to skip working out when your spotter does not make it. It seems better than a regular machine where the weights are confined to a certain path of travel but it's not as good as free weights. My two biggest complaints is that it does not have enough weight and it costs too much. If I had it to do over again I'd save the money and look for a different or an addition friend to go to the gym with and stick to freeweights.


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          We had the ol' soloflex back in the thing looked so cool on tv but in reality wuz just a piece of crap man lol....I'd say go with the martial artist endorsed total gym. I love mine. Come on man, it's freakin chuck norris.


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            I think they are pretty good. Especially for building stabilizing muscles. People that can usually bench a lot of weight, have problems benching even a little (at first) on the bowflex, because its just..different. Your arms can get pulled sideways, up, down, or diagonally so your stabilizing muscles really need to work. You can move from one excercise to another really quickly. But the biggest reason i like it is because you can do rowing.