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  • extreme situations?

    I was intrigued by sth. Tanto1...sorry i i spell it memory..., wrote in the introduction section about the right or so to carry sharp weapons.
    It is wrong to propagate that kind of double bind message to anyone.

    I will give you my experience on the knife topic: it was 05:30 am. I was on my way to work on my bicycle. Passing a couple (man/woman) who approached my line of direction i noticed the man was actually forcing the woman ahead both of his arms locking her left side.
    First i wanted to just continue on my path but i thought twice thinking: at least i have to ask her if everything was ok...i did and got a wild verbal response from the man who kept dragging her along. He shouted a crazy confession into the open telling me and the world he had beaten the woman and summoned me to call the police. He continued walking away from me still forcing the woman along with him. I took out my phone and wanted to call the police when i realized i did not even know their number..shit. He came half running towards me, slapping me accross my left cheek. I was in trouble, my courriers bag sliding down with the strap immobilizing me. I had had knee surgery and was very afraid to engage in a streetfight. I knew my knee was not ready for this kind of challenge. While i was struggeling with the strap of my bag he kicked me low and i managed to step out of he strap circle. When he slapped me accross the cheek i lost my phone and i had to ignore it going into pieces...i started to back off immediately after i was disentangled and repeated telling him to calm down, limping in reverse as fast as i could.

    Suddenly my brain tells me: grab your knife and stab that motherfucker ino the chest hard! Kill him!
    I always try to remember to disarm after work in case i would use the knife and become a part of something i do no really want to become a part of. My right palm felt after the knife but t was not there. I had to continue evading that pitbull who had white foam i the corners of his mouth.
    Eventually he let go...i had told him to calm down all the time also pointing out to him i just wanted to got to work...well believe it or not, the woman was still there and he went to her and started crying!

    I picked up my scattered phone put it back together and enjoyed the arenalin rush.
    I would have killed that guy, no question.

    It was the first time i ever backed off in fight. Why? Well my family and my health were more important than killing someone. I had saved my self from killing this guy by my own discipline.

    Wanting to put a knife into a person and defending yourself are two different things.

    Looking forward to your comments.


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    So are you saying it is a good thing not to carry knives? What I got out of it was that carrying a knife can possibly open up pandora's box of not good shit?


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      Basically. Unless you want to go on a survival trip, have to us it at work, in the kitchen,are a knife salesman...i say many things in my thread.