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  • training inebriated

    this is not meant as a dumb thread. hear me out cause in a way it makes sense. a lot of incidents occur at places like clubs, bars, or parties where people are either drunk or high or both. i dont know about u, but i fight like sh*t when im any of the above. have you ever tried to train while under the influence? how has it worked out for you? i know some will say just dont go to those places or dont consume those things. great ideas, but that aside what are your thoughts? it kind of brings to mind that old jean-claude van damme movie, kickboxer, where he gets drunk and thai boxes people in the the local pub.

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    You will lack a sense of timing, power and fine motor skills will be crap from the get go.


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      this is a good concept. only your fighting should be different and rely on gross motor movements. things that can be used under extreme conditions such as heavy fatigue, injury, or inebriation as you were asking about. also the more you do this the more you will become accutomed to fighting this way thus less likely to fight like shit. i knew a guy who could only fight if he was drunk and boy let me tell you he could fight. this guys hands glowed under a black light from all of the caluses. he worked for me when i managed a club for a while. so it is not a bad idea you and a buddy should invest in some gear. ie padding. and get intoxicated and go at it. but you musst train as though you are really fighting this is why you will need pads at first so neither one of you gets injured and is shyed away from the training. this is an important aspect to training that is left out everywhere. well almost everywhere. we as martial artists should train to handle any situation under any condition we can think of and this is one of those. i think this was a good post, and not a stupid question at all.


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        thanks! and an excellent idea to keep safety first! i might give this idea a try myself.


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          good luck with it guy.