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Guide:Train your Mind to slow down

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  • Guide:Train your Mind to slow down

    Now before we start if you are here to make gest of this immediately leave this is serious.

    Now i know we all have heard of strange phenomenons in this world that just cant be explained by science,be it time dilation Adrenalin rushes at unexpected times or seasoned fighter freezing up at just the wrong time or just fear strangling you up to your bones.

    Now for those who do not know what lentation is it is the use of adrenalin to help you fight in a battle of course the founder originally took it down because of some issues where people couldn't control them selves properly darkduck took it off

    Now i want you to read this forum post that i post up i want you to read everything and then continue following my thread

    Why you don't really want to learn "lentation".

    Continue only after you have read the entire post thank you as it is beneficial to what i have to say

    You have seen it those movies that dazzle you into thinking the matrix or basically any other martial film now I'm not saying that at the end of this topic you will be able to walk on walls and see punches come to a crawling stop i am saying that if you train your mind in the proper way you will have an advantage over the opponent.

    Now i little about myself before i continue i was never any good at martial arts i was always a thinker how do you do that how does this technique work how can it be applied to this situation and now this is the fruit of my labor

    think of this as a combination of lentation, time dilation time Percival reflexes and understanding what the human mind can do when properly molded and shaped

    Think about it digest it sleep on it, too much of anything is bad for you that is why i am giving you a way of doing time Percival without fucking yourself over i will be your guide into the crazy world we are about to enter

    Now you can either take the blue pill or the red pill it up to you

    If you are reading this that means you took the red pill congratulation now you can suffer more

    I will now set up a kind of protective guide for us first thing is first breathing
    all of us do it to live and most of us do it wrongly yes i said it wrongly

    When you breath you breath in slowly and peacefully most of us leave our breathing to our heart ahh the heart what a wonder now back to the topic control your breathing and you control the world no not really you control yourself your actions your response your reflexes

    now breathing can help your stamina last longer those who fight know what i mean and it can help you reduce your heart rate and heartbeat duration

    If you don't know how to breath properly then shame on you

    Now the real exercise starts we all listen to music whether it be classical or rap we all listen to music something we humans all have in common now i want you to go to a quite place and i want you to relax and lock your room

    if you have to go to your basement go to where you are alone now i want you to start breathing slowly and i want you practice this slow breathing continue until the duration between your heart beats are controlled make sure by the time you are done you are breathing slowly and longer than usual

    Now start listening to a song you like that you know is fast i want you to disregard the singing just focus on the beat and the beat alone tell yourself that you want this beat to go slower that you want it to slow down for you while at the same time you are still practicing the slow breathing i want you to slowly but gradually make the beat go slower and slower force yourself to make that beat obey you.

    Synchronize your heartbeat with the songs beat make sure you tell your mind what you want and what you want is for that beat in your mind to go slower imagine drums being banged more slowly imagine each note being played out slowly and slowly, remember you are still breathing slowly for those having problems first start out with the tick tock of a clock imagine the tick tock being wider and wider apart more longer and stretched out and you will get it at first it will surprise but it will happen trust me

    part two will come later on i don't want to overload anyone's mind this will apply this slowage of time to real life and how to effectively use it with lentation and make your reflexes faster and how to in general apply it when the situation demands for it
    im not saying this stuff will make you fly or punch through walls ok

    HumbleTimer: What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?
    Student: No, Student. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to

    best quote of all time
    any questions or comment email me at could use help to if anyone wants to help me teach only to those who understand
    thank you and enjoy

    You're afraid of change. . I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to post this thread , and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world … without you. A world with rules and controls that can be changed , with borders or boundaries that can be broken ; a world where strange things are possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you

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    Yawn.... as if there wasn't enough spam here already? LOL


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      The title Humble Moderator doesn't suit you based on your response this is a serious topic, and you are belittling it.


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        Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
        There is no magic, there is no secret, there need be no mysticism. Martial arts is about physics and the application of force.
        Damn straight


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          I never mentioned any magic or juju or any mythical ideas what i mentioned is a simple exercise to help you perceive and understand your surroundings more easily.