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    I keep hearing that the art is based on instict. But...isnt EVERY martial art based on instinct? To get you fighting prowess etched into you mind? WHat makes a thai fighter different from a guy skilled in krav maga?

    Someone gimme info? What makes it so special over more traditional arts like BJJ(has dicipline) or thai boxing or karate(the good kinds) and JKD?


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    Some of the Krav Maga drills are designed to get you to be able to turn on and turn off full-on fighting aggression. One example is half the students lay on the floor, at some signal from the instructor they jump up and begin hammering away at someone holding pads then going back to laying on the floor at another signal from the instructor. Basically in an effort to unleash your killer instict, so things just flow out in a flurry of blows.


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      ill have a go at this one, i don know anything about krav mega (just very little from this forum, and a few other people)

      using your "instinct" i think relates to "natural" reactions...
      (i take this from my own martial art..not krav mega...but it could be similar)

      for example if you were to go around the street punching people at random, each person would react a slightly different way.

      that "natural" reaction is ignored out by some martial arts, most other arts dont incorporate the urge to flinch. or the grab reflex,
      i saw a clip of a karate drill were a guy was swinging a stick very close to a persons that person would "learn" not to blink or flinch from and attack so he/she would be better to, i guess counter a punch...anyway you know what i mean .

      so most martial arts build new instincts where an art like krav mega mite use more of your "old" instincts.

      this is a benefit for quick learning...

      i know i havn't been to clear on this idea, my example mite not be to strong but i think iv got the idea across, but i hope i was some help....thanks



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        Keep in mind, I haven't studied krav maga; this is just what I've read and heard about it.

        Supposedly, like Kingston said, krav maga builds upon "natural," instinctive techniques rather than trying to create elaborate, new techniques like many TMAs do. Since the founder, I think, trained in Western boxing and wrestling, the techniques are probably more along the line of Western martial sports than Eastern martial arts. So, krav maga's learning curve is probably much faster than those of TMAs.

        Besides that, though, krav maga is supposed to focus much more on street smarts than most martial arts. While many other MAs teach students what to do when things get really ugly, krav maga is supposed to teach students how to recognize bad situations and keep them from escalating to the point of severe physical violence. I agree that the "street smarts" facet is underemphasized in most martial arts schools.

        Remember, though, that I'm not speaking from firsthand experience, just from what I've heard.


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          Are there any palistinian martial arts?


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            the great thing about krav maga is that you get to beat the hell out of a resisting opponent, not punching air. also the killer instinct is a part of all fighting that should be looked into.


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              I don't agree with this killer instinct thing. Because, when people just get mad and try and fight, they start doing retarted things like the famous windmill attack and really dont fight well. Wouldn't being calm during a fight help more?? I mean, when have you ever seen a street fight where the fighters used martial arts?? Well i havent....all i see is 2 ppl swinging arms at eachother. Nobody ever gets knocked out or anything like that. But if you're calm, you can think about how you'll attack. Like instead of using the instinct and trying to kill the person (but really just swinging ur arms around) you can attack intelligently. I dunno, maybe im sounding dumb to you, but it makes sense to me, lol


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                killer instinct

                pls dont mistake killer instinct with anger.... as an example for you to try... take a single punch. hit a heavy bag with a clam mind, then next think of your Mom being raped and throw the same punch.... see what i mean. i think the name killer instinct is not a good choice, but as another example, Dan (Inosanto) was kicking the heavy bag thinking he was doing ok, then Bruce went over and slapped him, which pissed him off...then bruce said now kick the bag....dan said there was a big difference. but you know what....if you never use your stuff in real combat, which we really try to avoid if possible, who really cares right??? as for me, i just want to be the best i can, and enjoy learning....its the journey. peace, and keep at it.


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                  What did Bruce Lee call it? Emotional Content.

                  As for "windmilling away". You certainly will unless you train only a small amount of techniques, but traint hem to a high level. That way your mind can forget about what you are doing, leaving your body to take care of business by itself. Calm tactical and strategic thinking is for the ring, where there are rules, rounds and referees. In the street there is only you.


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                    thats it...

                    yes, thats it....emotional content. you said it better than I....simple direct and to the point. thanx


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                      Krav Maga has become a very popular form of self-defense in Houston during the last couple of years. Technically speaking, I think it has good stand-up self defense techniques. One of the guys in my gym has shown me a few techniques. It reminds me of Hapkido in many ways. Many good techniques for escapes from holds, neutralizing striking attacks etc. It has been used by the Israeli Military. However, jiujitsu has been used by police/military as well as aikido/judo.

                      While techniques practiced overtime can be effective nothing is better than learning a technique and using it for real (sparring as done in thaiboxing gyms; grappling as practiced in bjj). This is why amateur boxers often KO black belts in karate/Tae kwon do. They spend hours training in and outside of the gym and they get used to giving/taking hits.

                      I've sparred some 2-3rd dan bb karate guys who flinch and 'cover up' when I throw jab,cross, hook. They run back and try to backfist, sidekick. Yet in class they are shown how to defend against these straight punches.

                      AAAhmed, I recommend visiting any ma class that you are intersted in, trying a class and attending on a regular basis for a year. It will change your life. It will change your attitude and the general way that you deal with people.


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                        I've checked out a couple Krav Maga classes and personally I wasn't impressed. The whole "instinct reaction" thing sounds great, but I think for the most part, peoples natural responses will get them killed. Someone mentioned earlier that many martial arts seek to develope new better instinctual reactions. Someone mentioned contact earlier too. Based on my limited experience of Krav Maga, there is little to no contact (at least not of any practical value). Krav tends to emphasize speed over power which I think may be a mistake especially when training women and deconditioned people. They rely too heavily on joint locking for self defense. There are lots of subtle details involved in mastering joint manipulations effectivly. It takes years. Anyone that tells you different knows nothing of joint locking. So I don't think that is an effective way to teach someone to defend themselves (unless they have years to commit to training) But I do think it can be a good system to train in depending on the instructor. I never knock any style, cause I think it's the man not the art. Just my two cents on the subject.


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                          A bit off topic, but has anyone seen that fi;m with J-Lo in it, where she learns Krav Maga?

                          I heard it was crap!


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                            jlo and krav maga???

                            a film where jlo learns krav maga???.....jlo??...or jenny from the block, should be " jennys been around the block" if you get my meaning. self defense...(thumb the eyes, knee the groin, headbutt, knee and elbow the loser). its just the way i feel right now. if youve ever been in a real shit kikin fight, you dont have time for fancy locks and holds, its just your force against his, or his buddies...take what you can from any style and functionalize it for you, who cares about names...can you make it work????


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                              I haven't seem the film, but I'm sure women will come in droves looking for Krav Maga schools (LOL).