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tips for meditating and visualizing

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  • tips for meditating and visualizing

    hi, i was just wondering if anyone has any tips on meditating, or how to meditate, because im just stressed and i wanna just clear my mind and find some peace for a change

    also, tips on visualizing, lets say, for a tournament,


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    Well there are no black and whites for visualization...but what i can say that works for me is to meditate actively. For myself i practice kata, relax all of my muscles and mind to just shut everything out, and sometimes the best thing to do is to eat. Like eating an apple or peach ... something that is healthy but nice to eat while your looking out the window. Also listening to music has shown signs of being a good window for relaxing your muscles and brain...just drift away.

    Hope that helps you some.


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      Hey. .I will give you an answer for the easier question. The first one is largely peronalized. But for how to meditate for a tournament. The key is specificity. First go through your breathing cycle, until your mind is completely void. Then picture the arena. If you are doing forms then you want to picture yourself doing your form with perfect form and lightning speed. Your mind will believe a lie if you tell it that enough. Picture the judges and where you are in relation. It is all about specificity. You want your body to "recognize" the situation when you get into it.


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        thanks for the help guys