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    Ya M&M, 50 Cent, Lincoln Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, And Some Electronic Stuff. But The Problem Is With The Electronic Music I Dont Know Of Any Of The Artists.LoL.

    Tru Fighter

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    If you dont mind me asking? What exactly is a Tru Fighter?

    i listen to all the same stuff you do btw.
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      right now i'm using japanese pop. but i'm figuring i'd add in some bush (machine head).


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        i listen to tecno (electronica) and good song and artist you should download is bt - the revolution, bt - smartbomb, prodigy - smack my bitch up, haha i dunno, just use kazaa or winmx and type in matrix, and download songs from the matrix, those are hardcore!


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          I usually like to train to anything hard. I'll go through anything ranging from Metallica to LimpBizkit and Kid Rock to Techno. I think the CD's I have that get me pumped the most are the Mortal Kombat soundtracks. Pretty much nothing but techno and electronica with a fierce beat.


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            Hey guys. I wanted to just say something about this. I know what you guys are thinking in listening to music while doing your art. But, my instructor in the art I am taking presently made a great point about just this subject. If you listen to music then you are letting something else determine your rhythm(oh why can't I spell). Which is the opposite of what you want. In a fight you want to establish a rhythm and make the other fighter follow it, then you break the rythm when you so please.