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How do you train your chi/ki power¿

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  • How do you train your chi/ki power¿

    is their anything to train about ki?
    how do i do?
    how do i train to use?

    is it crap? some pplz say
    info anyone?

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    learn tai-chi...


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      if u do anything wit the right intent and focus u can build chi. different flavours of it come wit doin diff things like qigong, forms, boxing etc


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        If chi exists (and you obviously beive it does) then youll have to find some way of collecting it/synthesising it and storing it.

        If you believe that chi exists then in your universe it does. Its all a matter of perception.


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          Chi can also be thought as physical science. In order to throw a punch you brain has to send an electical message through the nerves in your body to your arm. When you practice a punch over and over you notice your form getting better and your punch getting faster over time because your body is adapting and making it even faster to send that signal to your body thus increasing your reaction speed. Thats just one way to think about it. When you move your body focus on all of the muscles doing the job. Begin by increasing your awareness of your body. I wouldn't recommend getting to much into the spiritualness of it. I have heard of some lunatics claiming to be able to stop an assailant with just a thought and sticking his tongue out. Obviously he is nuts and their are many more like him.


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            How i Train KI energy

            I train on building my KI energy usually blindfolded because this way my body has lost one of its sense but is then concentrating on all the other senses, sometime i go outside and just listen to all the sounds around me in my garden and i think is it light or dark, how many different birds can i hear , are there cars on the road, if im wearing no shoes how does the ground feel, is there a breeze.

            After a while imagine that all the energy from whats around you trees, ground , animals is entering your body you should notice that your heart rate speeds up and you can feel a tiny adrenaline rush but all your doing is standing blidnfolded focusing.

            This is KI energy and the more you focus and train the better and stronger its becomes.

            Hope this helps



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              My heart rate would speed up to, if an animal entered my body. Or a tree.

              Or just about anything other than orally taken chocolate and beer.


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                very funny

                You knew perfectly well what i meant but hey i like your sense of humour!



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                  Now come on. Do you really think wandering around the woods blind folded is going to teach you anything?


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                    Actually what she is describing sounds an awful lot like Zazen from meditative practise.


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                      Well you can learn a lot. Heck I learned its better not to wander around the woods blindfolded.


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                        its not about learning technique n wat not but about feeling stuff


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                          Look i wasn't expecting people to go round wooded areas blindfolded just stand still relaxed and focused using every other sense and not focusing on the darkness you see but what you can hear, smell, feel, can you feel how big or small the area where your in is.

                          Relax and listen for perhaps birds calling to each other then just imagine energy being transferred from trees and animals into your body not meaning the animals physical body but its energy, almost like your a magnet accepting the energy from all that is living around you.

                          Like a reiki patient must do with a reiki healer they must allow themselves to be a conductor for the healing energy via reiki healing practitioners hands!

                          Hope that make more sense



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                            If that made sense to me I'd see a psychiatrist.


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                              I think LilDaemon is trying to get across a concept of her belief system.

                              Don't mock her so as there is some sense in what she is saying...
                              If you remove a sense when meditating then it allows you to focus more on your other senses.

                              Meditation to the point of exhilaration (Zazen) is a traditional focus point for many martial arts, from Karate, Kung Fu to Kendo.

                              Afterall Bodihama developed Shoalin Kung Fu with one of the main principles being meditative practice.

                              The empty mind lets you see your true face, and all that...