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    I can throw a fairly quick and hard jab, but it doesn't earn the same respect as my cross or hook.

    When it lands, it hits solidly causing my opponents head to rattle a little, still standing in the same place, but the effect I want is to be able to rock that head back and cause my opponent to stagger backward - allowing me some forward momentum and time to work the Sugar Ray Leondard does in the clip that Mike posted.

    I've got a 70" reach, but I'm also 70" tall (5'10") which is shorter than ideal for boxers of my height - which may have something to do with it?

    I'm not sure if its a body mechanics issue or just an arm-power issue; I can pop the pads/bag decently with crosses and hooks having my legs and weight behind them; in sparring my hooks and crosses seem to send 'em back and sometimes puts the n00bs onto one knee.

    I'd like to have a more devastating jab. With the information given above, can anyone help me take it to the next step?

    I have the fundamentals to set up a jab - using fakes, double, triple-jabbing and changing levels - I try to change up timing as well but it needs input from a more experienced/knowledgeable boxer?

    Help a fellow member out. Thanks!
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    if your mechanics are right, the only thing you can really focus on now is developing as much hip power as possible as you deliver your jab, and also really conditioning your hands and making them harder/denser.

    also, focusing on speed can increase your power as well.


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      I feel like I'm trying to thrust the jab through the target rather than snap it, like you would a towel...


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        If it gets any harder, it won't be a jab.


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          If you want to spice up your punches add a backfist and a spinning backfist.


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            Originally posted by Tom Yum View Post
            I feel like I'm trying to thrust the jab through the target rather than snap it, like you would a towel...
            work on speed then.


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              "Don't try to use a hammer like a wrench!"
              I Love that line Mike, you don't mind if I steal it do you? That post was some of the most useful advice I've seen here in a long time.


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                but i was just wondering...isnt the heavier the better?


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                  Thanks guys, thanks Mike. I'll keep these things in mind!


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                    my first time to this board ( or any board like it) and i've already picked up some useful knowledge. thanks fella's....


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                      I trained with Josh Odom of the IFL a few times and he showed me some pointers. One of the things he showed me was the lunging jab, which is exactly as the name implies. You throw some quick jabs and to mix it up you take a deeper step when you throw that jab, that way it pops his head back and unbalances him, giving you time to work the inside. Hope that helps!