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  • Kuoshu

    Just curious...I stumbled across this term on youtube. Anyone have any experience with Kuoshu? I can't say I've ever heard of it. Thanks.

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    Kuoshu Is the term for the National or Traditional arts of China.


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      I watched a few videos of tournament sparring. Do you know if there is a point system for different techniques?


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        as stated before Kuoshu or Guoshu is just referring to the martial arts of china. if there rules its just
        some rules made by some organization that calls itself Kuoshu society of etc. etc.


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          not sure the question. Kuoshu referring to all of chinese martial arts, there is no set standard. Any standards are set by organizations such as IWuF or the organizers of the tournament. YOu will often see varying rules at different CMA tourneys. Maybe you can clarify your question for me.

          If you are asking about point, continuous, etc. etc. then again it just depends on who is in charge and which country,state, and the laws thereof.


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            Further..."guoshu "

            Originally posted by TTEscrima View Post
            "Kuoshu" Is the term for the National or Traditional arts of China.
            If I may add? It is also more accurate in it's meaning than calling something Kung-Fu, Wushu or Quan.

            Kuoshu is China's way.

            Guoshu or kuoshu, is one of the words used to define Chinese martial arts.

            As an integral part of guoxue, guoshu represents the physical part of chinese culture, it uses the word guo to amplify that it is a cultural and historical outcome of china, and it still has the impetus to develop and evolve at the present while its very internal core is intactly chinese. As a result, guoshu becomes the best word to represent for chinese martial culture and its related activities. And this is the advantage guoshu bears comparing to other popular definitions, such as wushu, kungfu, quan, etc.

            Wushu is the direct translation of martial arts in chinese, it is often used by chinese to define any martial arts. Kungfu is a word originated from budhisim, meaning to accumulate through practising and experience, so, its expression actually does not confine only to chinese martial arts, it has various daily meanings, if used for martial arts, it is a perfect expression for buhdisim related martial arts, like shaolin kungfu. even here, it stands for a meaning consisted of both physical and religious aspects. So its popular use globally today actually does not fit its cultural origin.

            guoshu is different, "guo" is more a geographical term than a national term, guoshu means it is a result of various nationalities... It is a outcome of ...cultural exchanges, it stands for a fact that china is always a multi national country, ...and every nationality enjoys its prestige and value for its contribution to the country. So, guoshu becomes the most suitable term to show through the physical culture to the world china's commitment to develop in harmony and peace.

            Guoshu or Kuoshu, the precious of Chinese culture - Öлª¹úÊõ×Ü»á - Öлª¹úÊõ - ºÍѶ²©¿Í


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              thats interesting... although it seems like its taken from a blog.

              of course even literally translated, guoshu wouldn't necessarily mean
              Chinese martial arts either. it could be any country's martial arts. whether
              which one is a "more correct" term i think just leads us to a complicated long
              thread that really isnt about martial arts other than semantics.

              If you had to pick one standard of rules from China, here is the link
              to the SanShou rules of the IWuF, in english