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Short Power Iron Palm breaks and flat on the ground breaks

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    I've never claimed that I can break anything much less a coconut. Therefore, what is the point of me posting a clip of me breaking my hand trying to split a coconut?

    Humour? Definitely. But I need to use my hands everyday thank you very much!

    I just want to see someone do it and I couldn't care less who it is.

    And there's no need for name calling....I'm sure you're above such childish banter.


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      I am not directing this at you.

      I am directing it at KOTF who says he can do it but does not have any video proof, nor does he offer any.

      That is what mouthboxers do. They make claims and can never show you that they can do it, they just say they can.


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        Hey WW check out James Patrick Lacey or White Tiger Kung He has loads of videos of all kinds of coconut breaks. I took his course under the supervision of Boar.

        I'd also like to point out that your remark about using your hands everyday is so true. Breaking things with your hands is a good way to destroy your hands. It's a test once or twice and leave it alone thing.

        I'm not Barnum and Bailey's. I'm not protecting my rice bowl by pointing out BS claims.

        You wanna post a vid of you doing a coconut break, you won't hear anything but Kudos from me.

        But claiming your bad assed ness from breaking a brittle cheap ass mortar brick from HD will get you a BS anyday.

        I pointed out that HD flat pavers are cheap and easy to break. This is a fact to anyone who has ever done anything with them. Your rude response and how upset you are shows me you agree, but just don't want to say.

        My claim can be proven by anyone who wants to go spend 2 to 4 bucks on one of those pavers. I don't need to post a vid of it for them.


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          Originally posted by DaleDugas View Post

          so you claim you can break, but have no videos, only witnesses?

          video, or it never happened. Really, you get all superior claiming it is easy and you take the easy way out? I think not.

          You show us you can do it, or you are just talking our of your rear.

          If you think those bricks are so easy to break, stack up two of them and break them with an open palm with nothing but your palm. No jumping, no screaming, just break them.

          funny that you would not see more breaking videos out there if it were truly that easy.

          I will be posting more vids so stay tuned.

          I would love to see anyone try and break 4 inches of block as I demonstrate.

          If you think it easy, then duplicate it. Do not come back with " I can do that, and have, but I will not show anyone else...." that stinks of cowardice and true inability.

          If you truly cannot, you need to shut your mouth and stop claiming you can do things without proof, ie video the breaks.
          Everyone is a coward to you Dale. I think maybe you're expressing your inner insecurities on other people. This always seems to be your standard reply.

          "You're a coward." why don't you just flap your arms and yell CHICKEN BUCK BUCK BUcock.


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            Dale> No worries.

            KOTF> Will check them you have any links by chance? I will go straight to Youtube nonetheless.


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              ! Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms System - Main Index - Five Elder Arts - James Lacy

              He used to have some here.


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                James Lacy.


                just wow.

                No wonder you do not want to put up any videos of you attempting breaking.

                Speaks volumes about what you truly do not know about authentic Iron Palm.


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                  OMG did he just say James Lacy!!!!!

                  KOTF you just get better and better LOL

                  JAMES LACY



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                    Care to elaborate or is that too much to ask from short answers from the short bus.


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                      care to elaborate?

                      Jim Lacy knows nothing, has no real skills.

                      Anyone can see it. he hits and hits with pure external strength to power through whatever he hits.

                      He does not have any skill in iron palm.

                      Claims to have studied ten years and a GM of a system?

                      Has students do all manner of forms so he can sell them and make money?

                      right, and you think this person has any skill.

                      The man is a total unhinged lunatic.

                      And you make comments about the short bus.

                      You should have known better than to take anything that this fool offers as real.

                      It is not.

                      he sells formulas claiming them to be dit da jow and they are not.

                      I should know, being trained by my teachers over the years as well as being traditionally trained at New England School of Acupuncture.


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                        Originally posted by kingoftheforest View Post
                        Care to elaborate or is that too much to ask from short answers from the short bus.
                        Ask Grandmaster Doo Wai of Bak Fu Pai who James Lacy is.....that should make for an interesting reply!

                        about white tiger kung fu


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                          Have you met or trained with Lacey Dale??? You always challenge people to come "Cross hands" with you to prove themselves. So have you?

                          Pope how much IP training do you have. I bet you still think WC is an internal art too.


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                            Lacy is a fraud.

                            If anyone thinks otherwise, you need to have your head checked.

                            The man knows nothing and claims to be a high level GM.

                            No need to ever waste my time, money, or sanity trying to deal with good ole Jimbo. It is apparent from the way he moves, he lies about knowing a southern kung fu system. There is no Tun Tou Fou Chun in his movements. He has no ging, nor do any of his students he claims to have. No ging means no power in southern systems. These things are tell tale signs the man has no idea what he makes claims about.

                            He shows none of the myriad forms he claims to teach, always having mail order students demo the forms hideously.
                            A real GM would NEVER not show his material. But being that Jimbo is a fraud, we can see how he operates.

                            Now I can see where you come from KOTF.

                            If you think Lacy has skill, you have no idea what you are talking about either when it comes to real Iron Palm skills.

                            Put 4 inches of block up and break it, and tape it.

                            Post it and I will see that you have trained real Iron Palm.

                            If you do not, then you can enjoy making claims without really backing it up with proof.

                            I have posted vids of breaking in all manner of ways and you have not. I will post up breaking coconuts as well.

                            Stop talking and post up some vids of you breaking. You are telling everyone that blocks are easy to break. If they are so easy to break, then break some and tape it and post it.

                            Stop being a mouthboxer and be a man and backup your claims. It is that simple.


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                              Originally posted by kingoftheforest View Post
                              Pope how much IP training do you have.
                              Probably about as much as you by the sounds of things ie F*<# all

                              It is well documanted how Lacy has tried to rip off Grandmaster Doo Wai of Bak Fu Pai (thats White Tiger just in case you didnt know). You should do some homework before you spend any more money...

                              Originally posted by kingoftheforest View Post
                              I bet you still think WC is an internal art too.


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                                Originally posted by Da Pope View Post
                                Probably about as much as you by the sounds of things ie F*<# all

                                It is well documanted how Lacy has tried to rip off Grandmaster Doo Wai of Bak Fu Pai (thats White Tiger just in case you didnt know). You should do some homework before you spend any more money...

                                Yep. You did your homework alright. You read a few webpages at most, more than likley your just regergitating things you've heard from others.

                                I've had conversations with the man and som of his students. I have used the jow formula he sales.

                                Since this seems to be the gauge on how good real fighters are, Lacey has killed 2 people with his skills.

                                How many have you?

                                He also survived being hit by a train and having his back broken. yet still he is able to practice martial arts.

                                And BTW Dale I never said Iron palm was easy, thanks for putting those words in my mouth.

                                I said breaking a cheap HD brick was easy, cause it is.

                                At least JPL didn't have to make up a fake style to become GM of. And he has a cert signed by Doo that makes him GM. Doo just got pissed about something and started rumors about Lacey and tried to have him killed.

                                He didn't pretend to be in the US rangers or have a 200 year old master who gave him a special United Cutlery knife.