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SAYOC KALI where Pekiti Tersia gets it's knife skill

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  • Sayoc Kali

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the response. At least you seemed to be the only here who hasn't attempted to jump down my throat and convince me that I am one who's wrong. Really, I wanted to and still want to learn Sayoc. But I will not invest in it if things like this is going on. How could you possibly let someone get away with stealing your identity huh? That's the case here. I went somewhere, thought it was Sayoc because I was referred there by a Guru and the website had the information listed (which it still does), and the instructor informed me that it was Sayoc. I had gotten the information from your website point blank and it turned out for the worst.

    I was fascinated by Sayoc ever since I saw the movie The Hunted (at that time I never heard of Sayoc or FMA and did not know the fight scenes were Sayoc Kali...didn't learn that till years later when I moved to NY). If this situation is rectified and the opportunity arises that there is a school or training group in NYC NOT upstate New York then I will be more than happy to join. As I have said in my first post, I am not here to bash anyone. I am merely voicing a mis-service and how dare the others like you tell me-customer that I am wrong....bad examples of business people if you ask me.

    What can any of you tell me about Atienza Kali? I see that they have an intimate relationship with Sayoc Kali being that they attend the Sama Samas. How are the two alike and different? I am just curious.


    • Let's all Empty Our Cups, shall we...

      The world can be a difficult place to navigate and we should never let one or two bad experiences sour us against a whole group of people. This, after all, is what prejudice is all about and I think we can all agree it doesn't accomplish anything for us work against one another. It also may keep us from finding the best information out there. We all need to keep an open mind.

      I have been involved with the Sayoc Organzation for over 8 years now and have had my share of frustrations (often my own stuborness or confusion, sometimes a combination of things). My overall experience has been one of growth and expansion and of community. And I should mention I am female which makes me a minority, especially in a bladed art.

      I also currently train with the Atienzas and also have nothing but good things to say. Brilliant artists, brilliant instructors.

      In answer to the question from the previous post - the Atienza's long blade is some of the best I've seen. The Sayoc knife work is some of the best I've seen.... although there's a lot more to it than just that....

      In a land of crapy spinoffs it is good to know there are a few real martial arts out there still alive and well. Cherish them!


      • Wrong thread

        Originally posted by jay09 View Post
        How could you possibly let someone get away with stealing your identity huh? That's the case here.
        No one stole anyone's identity, you posted a false assumption and are now running with it. You happened to be referred to a former licensed Sayoc instructor. He was an old student of Tuhon Sayoc and has also studied PTK btw. So by this definition, he has trained both in Sayoc and PTK. We respect that he trained in Sayoc from the old days.

        Since you were seeking someone who trained in Sayoc in the city (btw, Fresh Meadows is in Queens - several students in the city travel there to train Sayoc), Guro Andreas referred you to one.

        We can't police the actions or political leanings of our students/instructors unless they are directly doing something illegal. Students gravitate to the personality of the instructor they agree with most of the time. Since you obviously do not agree with this person, it does not mean everyone in Sayoc even shares the same viewpoint. Follow this?

        Since you just started training Pekiti, you probably don't agree with ALL PTK instructor's political leanings. If you look at various forums, you will read numerous accounts of PTK students saying they just want to train regardless of the personality of the instructor. They seem to have no problem with it.

        Originally posted by jay09 View Post
        I had gotten the information from your website point blank and it turned out for the worst.
        As others have stated that it's UNFORTUNATE for you, but as you can see we are trying to help you understand that this is not the case for everyone. Maintaining a website like Sayoc's is a full time job and webmasters have lives of their own. Sometimes life interferes and you miss the one detail that is of course the most important to someone else.

        Now, as stated by others, that has been fixed.

        You might be getting negative feedback (ie" Jumping down your throat") because you decided to unearth a LONG dead thread which has NOTHING to do with your problem.

        You could have easily posted a new topic or repost in the Sayoc public forum if you did not get the answer you wanted.

        As you can see, a lapse in details can happen to anyone. - even yourself. You didn't recognize that the thread topic had no relation with the subject you wanted to bring forth. You merely searched for the topic "Sayoc" and posted on the umpteenth page of the thread to air your grievances. Correct?

        So is it possible that you could pardon the listing errors that troubled you so and acknowledge that they have since been addressed? We can all move on.

        Speaking of moving on. Here's a chance to rectify the other thread drift you started. You can start another topic with the title "Atienza/Sayoc" on it and you might get more responses that way.

        Make sense?


        • I think Sun Helmet has addressed everything in an extremely concise and adult matter. He has always contributed material in a fair and just manner throughout this board. I read just about everything he writes and i gain something each time even though I don't practice SK. If you really digest this last message in a honest manner, you will realize that its time to move on to more constructive and positive postings on matters everyone can learn and benefit from.