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    There's only the quick and the dead!


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      Its just a demo bout,both boxers are or have been top notch and are just playing to the crowd,they have no gloves on either,in fact if they did they still wouldnt body punch much prefering to kick knee and elbow.


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        I see I have neglected to compliment you and thank you for the nice find.

        The Adventure continues!
        Crafty Dog


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          A facebook post:

          A FB post:

          "I've been trying the 'Running Dog' in bjj. Both the step over heel hook and the walk-over single leg crab worked against white belts quite easily. Moving up the food chain, I tried on a purple belt. I did catch the walk-over single leg crab, but it took some scrabling to finalize it. Finally, I tried it against one of our brown belts. He beat the walk-over pretty handily, but it set me up for the step over heel hook, which I submitted him with... And all this without the striking set-ups. Good stuff, Guro! Keep it coming! Woof!!!!"


          From the DBMA Assn:

          "Had a great success with the the running dog this past Monday. We have a BJJ brown belt who spars with us on Mondays who has a very strong guard game. When we hit the ground from the clinch the material just clicked finally. As soon as I got into the RD squat and started trapping with the strikes he didn't know what to do. He tapped out because he couldn't stop the strikes or get to a better position without getting hit. In round two I was able to do it again and get the run over.
          Thank you Guro Crafty."