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Beat the Crap out of Cancer----Bloomington Illinois

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  • Tcrutcher
    Here are some pics from BTCOOC Bloomington,Beat the Crap out of Cancer Bloomington October 15, 2011 | Facebook

    Good times and we raised $1213.00 for the community cancer center, funds continue to come in and we are going to continue to collect money till this friday.

    here are a few videos

    BTCOOC 2011 Bloomington (14) - YouTube

    single stick
    BTCOOC 2011 Bloomington (15) - YouTube

    blow gun and daga vs weighted sarong and daga ----LOTS OF FUN!!!
    Blow Gun y daga vs Sarong y daga BTCOOC Bloomington - YouTube


    Dog Terry

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  • Airyu
    Good Luck with this event!! It is a worthy charity and cause!

    Guro Steve L.
    Bujinkan Dojo
    Ninjutsu Training Online

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  • Garland
    I just wanted to chime in and say that I think that this is a wonderful thing you guys are doing. I hope this idea catches on, because it's a brilliant way to allow for the free-flow of information and exposure to the arts, allows individuals to pressure test their technique, and brings the arts into a positive light that is often diminished by the way people tend to promote fights these days. Besides being an awesome boon for martial arts and martial artists, it highlights the better aspects of humanity and is a charitable, moving and beautiful thing. I hope to one day see something like this in my area.
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  • Tcrutcher
    Just a few more days till Beat the Crap out of Cancer. There is still lots of time to register.

    All procedes form the midwest event in Bloomington, llinois will benefit the Community Cancer Center

    Here is a link to the face book page

    Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

    and here is a link to the registration form

    Looking forward to fighting with you soon.

    Come test your art!


    Guro/Sifu/Dog Terry

    JKD Concepts - Jeet Kune Do Concepts

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  • Tcrutcher
    started a topic Beat the Crap out of Cancer----Bloomington Illinois

    Beat the Crap out of Cancer----Bloomington Illinois

    I would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual “Beat the Crap Out of Cancer” Event being held on Saturday Oct 15th to benefit Cancer research.

    This event started in Toronto Canada and has become a worldwide event, with locations this year in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Bloomington Illinois, Toronto Canada and The United Kingdom all on the same day.

    This event is for Weapons Fighters of all Martial Arts to get together and fight for a worthy cause.... As with most “Fund raising events” ,Each fighter is asked to get friends and family members to “sponsor the fighter” our recommended sponsorship levels are $5 per fight or $25 per day, but any amout will help and all funds raised will be greatly appreciated!. We encourage you as a fighter to get as many fights as you can to help battle this terrible disease.

    We are also recruiting Corporate Sponsors to help this “unique” event.

    Every fighter will be able to wear as little or as Much Protective gear as they feel comfortable with. Fighters may also elect to fight with Padded Weapons, or live rattan or hard wood weapons. Head gear is a MUST. This is NOT a Dog Brothers Gathering, but rather an event for the Martial Arts weapons community to get together and Spar against other weapons based martial artists and to test yourself and test your art. This is open to ALL Styles, …Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, Native American, Israeli, Indonesian, African and all other systems.

    Each Fighter will be receiving an Event T-shirt to wear when they fight to support the cause.

    Fighter Registration/ Sponsorship forms will be available on the web at on August 22nd or we can email the forms to you or send them through the post office.

    This year, the Illinois event will be held at Forest Park in Bloomington Illinois from 11:00am. to 3:00 pm.
    In the event of Rain the event will be held at the Lincoln Leisure Center in Bloomington, Illinois.
    Please don’t miss out on an opportunity to watch or participate in a terrific and unique event for a worthy cause.

    Each one of us has been affected directly or indirectly by Cancer. It’s time to stop standing on the side and Fight for those who battle this disease every day.

    WE Hope to see you at this event, and please take the time and pass this invitation on to your family and friends.

    Thank you,

    Dog/Guro/Sifu Terry Crutcher
    JKD Concepts - Jeet Kune Do Concepts