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Plastic Kerambit Training Blades, Hard to Find, Fun to Use & Cheap Prices

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  • Plastic Kerambit Training Blades, Hard to Find, Fun to Use & Cheap Prices

    Hello my fellow IMA Practioners

    My name is Ash I live in Sydney Australia. If you're like me, you ABSOLUTELY LOVE your martial arts!
    I have practiced, jeet kune do/kali/silat for over 4 years and I love the plethora of blades and knives found in these systems.
    However I was a bit dissappointed, because these items are hard to find, SO I DECIDED TO MAKE MY OWN

    The kerambit blade it is approximately 70 x 165 x 5 mm
    The contour of the blade fits perfectly around the neck, crook of the elbow and behind the knee caps, making it extremely effective.
    I have skinny fingers, so I made the hole bigger to suit pretty much any finger.

    The action is so smooth, once you flick it out, the other guy will be like
    "Holy crap, what the hell was that ?!?!"
    But by that time its too late!

    Its made of high density polyethelene, so its pretty tough, but won't hurt like those aluminium ones!
    I coped it on the wrist with many aluminium blades and although its character building, it hurts like hell!

    I am offering discounts for classes/groups that want to buy in bulk contact me to find out.
    If you are an instructor and you are interested, I am more than happy to send out a sample

    Thank you and Good Luck with your training.

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