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Critical Distance and Types of Fighters

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    Originally posted by shaolin-warrior View Post
    I prefer up close and personal, I hate the nervous anticipation, so let’s get down to business. The better man wins.
    Everyone has their time-clock. Actually, I like the opposite. I admire those that cheat.

    Jackie Chan is, IMO, good comedy. Hard to take his style seriously. Guess movie-arts and martial arts are just too different things.


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      Originally posted by ScottUK View Post
      I second jubaji's ..................................
      Add me as well.....


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        Originally posted by Darth Roley View Post
        Add me as well.....
        Ok, where and what was said? I'd probably agree too but clue me in first.

        Anyway guys, a lot can be learned/explained via the study of The Fire Book (a chapter in The Book of Five Rings).

        Seems that "Timing" is the key.

        Getting in a position to be "up close and personal" is a great outcome but how the hell do you get there to begin with when you know that your critical distance starts outside the Sword range. Long way to go so I do hope we're all smart enough - and he is dumb enough - for use to get there.

        Then, there is your reaction time (which gets longer the older you get); your own Power (which decreases as your own physical speed decreases) and your Mental state (which finds that your probability of success is equivalent to your own intelligence and character). Kind of complicated! maybe?


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          distance of fighters

          There are two basic definitions of street fighting: unauthorized or unlicensed fighting, usually for

          entertainment; and amateur fighting between combatants, usually involving crime and self-defence. It is this

          latter definition which we are concerned with here.

          Street fighting happens daily. According to the 2 July, 2009 issue of the Telegraph, the United Kingdom is the

          violent crime capital of Europe. In the United States, individual cities saw a brief lowering of violent crime,

          but the overall national violent crime rate is still rising.

          It's a tough world and you can't expect the police to be there when you need them.

          In self-defence, there is only one tool combination you can always count on having at all times: your mind and

          your body. Guns, knives, Tasers, etc. are all available, of course, but you cannot guarantee you'll always have

          them when they're needed.

          I'm going to tell you Britons something that you may not have known: you aren't in the safest country in the world

          anymore. Current crime statistics show a sharp rise in violent crime in the UK and that rise, by population, puts

          us higher than the Americans.

          That is no lie. Violent crime happens and it happens a lot. So what do you do when it happens to you on the


          Many people are turning to martial arts dojos and schools in order to learn to defend themselves. While this is

          commendable, it is also impractical on several fronts.

          The main problem with utilizing traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu or Tai Kwon Do is that they are more

          about form than function. Most martial arts classes, including Western Boxing, focus on movement and form and turn

          the fighting into a dance. The depiction of martial arts in the movies is a good examination of this phenomenon.
          ninja gear


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            Nice sales pitch.


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              Rise of British Fighters

              I wonder does your theory have anything to do with the recent outpouring of good british fighters in boxing as well as MMA? Is the crime rate producing these outstanding fighters? Since guns are outlawed in the U.K.,--the Brits are becoming known as outstanding hand to hand fighters whether it be in the ring or in the street. Or was it always this way?