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Hey This guy Tommy carruthers Is preety fast

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    Originally posted by redwave540 View Post
    Just letting you all know, I am hosting a seminar for Tommy Carruthers in Tucson, Arizona July 25th and 26th 2009. He will be teaching Real Jeet Kune Do the way Bruce Lee intended. For those of you interested please go to my website at Real Combat - About Seminar!

    I hope you'll let us know how it goes!


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      I will for sure.


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        Holy crap! That guy would rip someone to shreds. He'd make me look like I'm moving in slow motion


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          he is also going to be in Wyoming. July 25th and 26th 2009, Tommy Carruthers will be doing a Jeet Kune Do seminar in Riverton , Wyoming .


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            hey does tommy spar in his school is Glasgow?


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              my name is Andreas, I come from Germany and I'm a friend of Tommy.

              The clips were not put online without his permission. They have become something like "classics", so let me tell you their story and background if you like:

              The stuff is from a one day-workshop in Germany in April 2001 (The Easter Saturday). I'm hundred per cent sure it was that date. I hosted it in the Wing Chun school of my friend Michael in Bonn. Two people brought a camcoder which wasn't planned by me, one of them a friend of mine, an advanced martial artist (Leung Ting-WT, boxing, BJJ) who worked as doorman for a long time, the other one a student of Ingolf Gräbitz (Ingolf teaches Jesse Glover's stuff in Hamburg). This is the reason you sometimes see same stuff from two different camera angles. As I asked Tommy if they could tape it he courteously replied it was up to me. No one thought of public release the time it was taped, at first it was for catching it privately on tape. Then I got a VHS copy of everything, saw it and thought 'Wow' this looks really good. So I got the idea to create some clips to share a small percentage of Tommy's performance and skills with the public (which didn't know him very well at that time), since I got no other stuff. Having finished, I just offered the clips once to a Swiss Budo site for the benefits of free web space and free traffic. Then I put some links to them on an own site. It didn't take much time I saw Tommy in better shape and having improved like on Pierre Hartmann's tapings of his Swiss Expo demo in 2002, so I have no idea what he does now. Though I only published them once they are all over the web now, being edited, put together etc etc., it has become impossible to take it all back. Some people say they're good, some not, someone likes this, someone doesn't like that, but that's just the way things are and beyond our power. If people comment they're sped up or any other b.s., well, okay....they had their use. Like I said, now it's impossible to take it all back. Or would you?

              The "Complete Tommy Carruthers demo" published on YouTube by someone with the nickname "yoshiofdeath" is from a Bruce Lee-DVD produced by George Tan, not uploaded by me. He somehow got a copy of the original tape.

              Many of these clips even show stuff at the end after Tommy taught and performed 5 hours with just a single short break. It's offhand stuff neither choreographed nor rehearsed. At this time none of us even dreamed to ever publish it. Today Tommy even considers it as "sloppy".
              It's a long time ago since I paid attention to armchair critics, but for a while I did. Why? - I felt in part responsible since I had chosen and published the stuff. Today when I pay attention, if any, I have to smile, sometimes to laugh because knowing the background and story of it it's easy to see most people have no clue. They can't even imagine how accidentally, amateurish and simply everything came together. So there's some absurdity and irony in it - somehow I like that, it reflects life in general...
              Whether the clips are sped up, include audio effects, Tommy has no power or all the UFC blah blah as if the clips were really put up to prove what a hard puncher or fighter Tommy is I have just one comment for it: Bullshit! I give no guarantee some of the edited stuff by various enthusiasts doesn't look sped up somehow due to a quality loss or because something happened within the process of working on the basic material. If I had more knowledge about video editing I wouldn't need 5 MB for 30 seconds film, and had offered various file formats and add some racy soundtrack. But people anyway believe what they want to believe...
              There's no copyright on it, so people can do with it whatever they want to do.

              Thanks for your attention !



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                i agree it is sloppy


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                  LOL, I used to be highly critical of videoclips of other people.

                  Then I saw what my fat ass looks like on video.

                  I don't think video is the best way to judge a person's skill.


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                    What's funny is what Tommy considers "sloppy" is geniunely better than most of the other stuff that's out there. In my opinion he's one of the few JKDers that walks the walk.


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                      great that i found this forum. People here are great. Learned alot. Keep posting more