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Open Question: Do you wanna know why Kobe Bryant is so good? His secret revealed?

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  • Open Question: Do you wanna know why Kobe Bryant is so good? His secret revealed?

    Kobe's movements are so fluid because he practices the art of intercepting the fist (Jeet Kune Do).Check this..

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    I have two problems with this clip. First, they portray sifu Poteet as getting his knowledge and training from sijo Lee rather than (and more accurately) guro Dan. Second, by interviewing sifu Poteet, most people will incorrectly assume that Kobe is being trained in OJKD rather than JKDC, which is what he is receiving training in. One of Kobe's bodyguards is/was LAPD and a former student of guro's. So, give credit where credit is due and all will be good =) J~


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      Originally posted by Knowledge Bot View Post
      Kobe's movements are so fluid because he practices the art of intercepting the fist (Jeet Kune Do).Check this..YouTube - Kobe and Bruce Lee
      Hmm, as much as I love martial arts and JKD, this is a pretty tedious connection.

      Kobe's basketball game will be so good because of the many years of training and competing at the highest level - in basketball. That will have given him all of the attributes that you see out on the court, I really don't think a bit of trapping and focus mitt work has anything to do with it.

      Do you reckon he rings his coach and says "I'm not coming to training this week, I'm working on my Bruce Lee stuff, which is the secret weapon behind my success"? No, me neither.


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        Amen brother Michael. Oh Mike, btw, I might be honeymooning in Scotland in the next year. My fiance and I going back and forth between Scotland and London. Peace, J~


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          Congratulations J!

          If you need any help or advice, places to stay or places to see, just drop me a line and let me know. For a Honeymoon, its got to be Scotland in my book brother, but just bring an umbrella!

          Any chance we could sneak in some training when you come over, or is that really testing those vows??


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            So Mike, we've pretty much decided that it's Scotland, but we're having a hard time deciding between Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. My girl really likes what she's seen of Aberdeen online. I don't really have any thoughts any way, I just wanna go to Scotland. Any thoughts? Where's Rick Young's school located? We're thinking of a late Feb to mid March trip, whatcha think? As for training, I don't know. She's very good about allowing me to train here, but I don't know if she'd be the same when we're on vacation ya know? She gave me a weird look and the slightest hint of attitude when I suggested that we go to Thailand six months back. We'll see. Any help would be great. Thanks, J~


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              I know your post was adressed to Michael Jujujason but as a fellow northern englishman I just though Id let you know anywhere in Scotland is great,the Scotish people are really friendly,personally Id go for Edingburgh which is also where Rick Young is Based.


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                Hey J,

                For me personally I would go for Edinburgh (I would say that because I live just outside of it!). Aberdeen has some really lovely scenery on the coast, but you are a bit out of the way. Glasgow is a great city for a night out, but not really a vacation (imo).

                Edinburgh is a beautful city, very historic, with so much to do. You could walk round an take in the scenery during the day, the shopping is also great for your good lady, and at night the restaurants and bars are superb. If you want to take her somewhere special, try to get into The Witchery for dinner, but you may struggle. Stirling is also a short train ride away from Edinburgh, and that has a great castle, the William Wallace monument, and some historic battle sites. I'm fortunate enough to work there (Stirling, not the battle sites).

                Rick Young's Academy is is Leith, the east side of Edinburgh. I'm not at the classes right now because I broke my ankle training for a K1 fight, but I would be happy to meet up with you and take you down there to see Rick, even if just for a visit.

                Keep in touch, I'll PM you with my email address, to save everyone else on the forum reading about my views on Scotland!


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                  Thanks a ton you guys! J~!


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                    I guess Kobe is taking a tip from Kareem Abdul Jabbar!